Getting Started

What's a wake up call?

You can purchase a wake-up call with your favorite Mistress by emailing her to make sure she's available for the time you'd like to be called. Then just call dispatch at 1-800-279-7379 and purchase the session. Our dispatcher will get the phone number from you that you'd like to be called on and we'll take care of it from there! When you wake up it will be to the voice of your Mistress. OR You can request a wake-up call from any Mistress available at the time you choose. Then all you do is call ...

Can you help me choose a Mistress?

With so many lovely ladies, we know it can be tough to choose. You can chat with a concierge if one is available, or you're always welcome to fill out our Mistress Recommendation Form at ( and someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours. If you're buying a session now, a dispatcher can help you choose when you call us at 1-800-279-7379.

Which Mistresses are available?

You can go to to see the real-time status of the Mistresses. If the Mistress you're looking for is not available, you're welcome to email her or call our dispatch center at 1-800-279-7379 to see if she's available by request.

How do I start a text session?

You can see which Mistresses are offering text sessions now at: The Mistress' Skype IDs and e-mail addresses are available on their bios. Please make sure you have connected online with a lady BEFORE purchasing, since she may already be in a session or unable to use Skype. A concierge or member of our friendly dispatch staff would be happy to help you reach the Mistress of your choice.

Can I do sexy texting from my phone?

You can access the Sexy Texting chat room from your mobile device with this link: You can also use Skype for your session. Please email or message the Mistress on Skype before making a purchase. Please chat with a concierge our call our dispatch center if you need help setting it up.

How do I set up a training program?

Read more about our training programs at:

What is a "Let Us Watch" session?

Our mistresses will watch you on Skype while chatting on the phone with you.

Can I see my Mistress on cam?

We aren't offering cam shows at this time, but our ladies are happy to watch YOU! Most Mistresses use Skype for watching.

What is a Virtual Mistress?

You can find more info about joining us in our virtual world via Second Life and meet the Virtual Mistresses at ( Email with any questions and a Virtual Mistress will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

What is Pass the Penis and how can I play?

Pass the Penis is a masturbation game where multiple Mistresses get to tease, torment, and control your cock. You choose how long and how many ladies you would like to masturbate for, and this can be divided up in any way you like; for example, 3 different ladies for 10 minutes each (most common), 6 ladies for 10 minutes each, or even more! You can choose the Mistresses or let one of our friendly dispatchers choose for you and add the element of surprise. Are you a sissy? Don't worry, we can p...